12 weeks of live, interactive mindset coaching, specifically designed for YOU - the eco-preneur!

Are you constantly overwhelmed with everything there is to do in your business?

Are you frustrated that you're doing everything you think you should be doing to save the world, but you just can't take your business to the next level?

Do you have a vision to make the world better, but have no idea how to make it a reality?

Are you crippled by fear that you can't battle the greenwashers alone?

Do you wish you just had that magic toolkit of strategy and mindset to get you and your business to the best it can be?

I can help you!

I'm Christen, and I'm a Mindset Coach for Eco-Friendly Entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed, unsatisfied and are struggling to make their vision a reality.


In this 12-week group coaching programme, I help you grow your eco-business through the power of shifting your mindset. In 3 months, you'll make significant changes in the way you think, feel, act and behave - both personally and in your business.

Your mindset is the KEY to growth. Unlocking your secret weapon is the goal of this programme.

You can't change the world without changing you first.

What happens during the 12-week coaching?

Every week, you'll have access to a 90 minute live workshop where I'll teach you everything I've learned through working 1:1 with eco-entrepreneurs to unlock the power of their mindset. The live sessions are interactive, giving you the chance to ask questions and get personalised advice, both from me and from your fellow eco-preneurs!


You'll also be invited to a 90 minute group coaching session each week, where you can share your specific situation, ask questions and network with others.


With just 20 spots available, you'll be able to form close relationships with fellow business owners - combined with my experience of coaching eco-entrepreneurs through mindset and business strategy, you're guaranteed to have the support and guidance you need to make real, lasting and impactful changes in your life and your business.

You might be thinking, "How can you help me, Christen?"

Here's the thing: I've been on this journey myself. I've been where you are, feeling like you're not good enough, like you're never going to be able to turn your dreams into a reality. And now I'm here, living the life I always dreamed of living with a toolkit to help me survive the ups and downs of business owner life.

I went from zero confidence, no motivation, and no idea how I was going to hit my goals - to feeling content, happy, motivated, and living a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

And the thing that helped me most on that journey? Mindset.

Imagine where you want to be this time next year. Does it feel achievable? Does it fill you with fear? Does it feel so far away you can't even dare dream it could be a reality?

I've been there. But now I have the tools, techniques and tricks to use my own mindset as my biggest champion, not my own worst enemy.

By the end of this programme, you'll be:


What's covered in the programme?

WEEK ONE: Crafting a World-Changing Vision

  • How to build a business you're proud of...
    (Even if you’re not sure where to even start and the thought of a big vision paralyses you)

WEEK TWO: Becoming an Eco-Leader

  • How to change the world one client at a time...
    (Even if you have no team)

WEEK THREE: Stopping Doubt & Instilling Belief

  • How to show up as a successful eco entrepreneur...
    (Even those doubts you are not aware are aware are affecting you)

WEEK FIVE: Maintaining Motivation Momentum

  • How to use the small wins to push you to big progress...
    (Even when you feel your energy is at an all time low)

WEEK SEVEN: Building Resilience Against The Grain

  • How to stay in your lane and achieve laser focus...
    (Even if you feel like your competitors have got it down and you never will)

WEEK NINE: People, Planet & Purpose

  • How to nail your three P’s to push against sustainability resistance...
    (Even if people think you hang around hugging trees all day)

WEEK ELEVEN: Warrior VS Worrier Conundrum

  • How to balance Stress & Overwhelm as an Ecopreneur...
    (Even when it feels as though you are never going to manage it all) 

WEEK FOUR: Removing Mental Barriers

  • How to pivot the uncomfortable to the comfortable...
    (Even if setting big goals scares the bejesus out of you) 

WEEK SIX: The Triple S Factor, Secret Strategies For Success

  • How to master continued online growth...
    (Even if you're a big technophobe)

WEEK EIGHT: Create Your Eco-Preneur Action Plan

  • How to create that life of freedom you deserve...
    (Even if you suffer from procrastination and perfectionism)

WEEK TEN: Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • How to nail your Eco message to convert the unconverted...
    (Even if your client is a non eco warrior)

WEEK TWELVE: The 4 pillars to forward thinking

  • How to always be 4 steps ahead...
    (Even when it feels like you are taking one step forward and one step backwards)

What's included?

12 x weekly 90 minute live classroom-style online lessons
12 x weekly 90 minute group coaching sessions with me
Access to a private Facebook Group for networking & support
An assigned accountability buddy for the whole programme
Weekly worksheets & templates
Private Messenger support from me
Bonus #1: My best podcast interview 
Bonus #2: The Exact Exercise I Use to Break Limiting Beliefs
Bonus #3: A Secret List of Thinking Errors
Bonus #4: Power Hour on Minimalist Eco Business
Bonus #5: Six weeks to Zero Waste Worksheet 


- worth £1,997
- worth £1,997
- worth £497
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- worth £297
- worth £97

PLUS: a 30-day money back guarantee!



Get it for just:


THAT'S RIGHT. Get access to this game-changing 12-week programme, jam-packed with tips, tricks and actionable strategies, for ONLY £997 - saving you over £5k!

Not only that, but there are 3 and 6 month payment plans available PLUS, if you don't see any changes in the first 30 days, you can take advantage of my no-questions-asked money back guarantee!

And I really mean that. I am so confident that this programme will literally change your life and your business, that, if you've followed the action steps every week and still aren't seeing any progress, you can have your money back. It's as simple as that. I am here to HELP and SERVE: and if I can't do that for you, your money will be coming straight back to your account. I promise.

So, are you ready to change your life?

You have to take action. Growth doesn't happen tomorrow, or the next day or in a few days time. It happens right now, by clicking that button and starting the next stage of your mindset journey with me.

Don't waste even more time wondering if it's the right step. Just take action. You won't regret it, trust me.


I'm ready: how do I join?

I can't wait to have you on board!

The first step is to book in a call with me for a free chat about the programme, your goals and what's stopping you from making progress. I want you to get SO MUCH from the next 12-weeks, so this chat is to make sure that you're ready and make sure that I have the tools you need to make real, impactful change in your life.

So, get your call booked in and we'll chat. Let's change your life for the better!