A 12 Week, Online, Live Interactive Course, Designed Specifically for Eco-Entrepreneurs!

This programme is guaranteed to help you grow your eco-business and perfect that mindset. Why? Because the key to my programme is that it’s progressive. This is a 12-week period where you will make significant changes in the way you think, feel, act and behave - personally and business wise. However, the knock-on effect of that is going to ripple through the rest of your entire life and allow you to make a real, lasting, change in the world.

An interactive course inclusive of a 2 hour live training where you will learn everything that I have when working with Eco Entrepreneurs and their mindset. Complete with a second 2 hour group coaching session where you get to discuss your specific situation, ask questions about the training and network with others. Guaranteed to keep you engaged week on week, with the additional bonus of having 10 other Ecopreneurs to learn from too - Not just for the 12 weeks, you will make professional relationships that have the potential to support you in all your future business endeavours! 


Let me guess? Sometimes you doubt your own ability, you feel out of your depth, the thought of fully committing to huge goals can be exciting yet utterly terrifying at the same time, you lack the confidence to step up as business leader, you can feel the pressure building day-by-day, and then there is the battle of dealing with the stress and overwhelm from juggling a million things at once!​


I am Christen Gilchrist, a Mindset Coach for Eco-Friendly Entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed and are ready to adjust their mindset, so they can build an aligned business. 

Is this you?


Do you find yourself constantly overwhelmed with everything there is to do in your eco-business?


Are you frustrated by the fact that you seem to be doing everything you should to save the world but just can’t seem to take it to the next level?

Do you have a take over the world vision but you're not quite sure how to articulate it?


Do you sometimes feel crippled by fear that you can’t battle the greenwashers alone and stay stuck in your comfort zone?


Do you wish you had that magic toolkit of strategy and execution?




You may be thinking how can I help?

The reason I can help you is because I have been on this journey myself, I took myself from someone who was always searching for more and nothing ever feeling good enough to someone that is content and happy. I remember what it feels like to be constantly wanting more but I now have a constant source of motivation and live each day as it come. My job is to give you the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. After this course, you’re going to be more aware, more open, more receptive, more confident which will enable you to take more actions and better steps moving forwards so that where you will be in the next year, based on the decision you make today to invest will be worlds a world away from where you are now.

Topics Covered


·  Week 1: Creating a World Changing Vision

Figure out your “Why”

Achievements so far

Legacy building 


·  Week 2: Becoming a Eco-Leader

What leadership skills will you need?

How to adopt the identity of a leader at neurological levels


·  Week 3: Removing Doubt & Instilling Belief

Smashing limiting beliefs

Using doubt as motivation


·  Week 4: Removing Mental Barriers

Stepping out of your comfort zone 

Setting challenges

Breaking Fear 


·  Week 5: Maintaining Motivation Momentum

Identifying challenges that may get in your way

How to keep motivation


·  Week 6: Secrets to Success

Social Media is your friend not your enemy

Quick tips that no-one has told you before

Widening your audience


·  Week 7: Building Resilience against the grain

Coping with change

Dealing with negative opinions


·  Week 8: Creating your Ecopreneur Business Action-Plan

Clear action plan for business & self

Forecasting tangible business results

3 month, 1 year and 5 year plans



·  Week 9: Pushing Against the Sustainability Resistance

What you can & can’t control

Impactful influence on others

Communicating the importance of conscious consumerism


·  Week 10: Neuro Linguistic Programming

Introduction to NLP

Why it matters

How it affects communication with your clients


·  Week 11: Balancing Stress & Overwhelm as an Ecopreneur

Time Management & Prioritisation


Work life balance


·  Week 12: Next steps


Future planning 

My approach

I have a unique empathetic & personable but direct approach along with a call you out factor. I have many years of experience working in mental health which has given me an empathetic style but have also worked as a Business psychologist in a range of high profile companies, giving me experience in practical and tangible actions, with a direct approach. In addition to my life experience, I am also a qualified Robbins-Madanes Coach & accredited Coaching Masters Coach, with a degree in Psychology and a MSc in Organisational Psychology. I am also qualified in a whole package of psychometric personality tests, including emotional intelligence, and have worked with many clients using these tools with success.



What’s included?


Weekly 2-hour Classroom-Style Online Workshops - Value £1997


Weekly 2-hour Interactive Group Coaching Sessions with me - Value £1997


Access to a Private Facebook Group of you and your group of entrepreneurs to learn and grow together throughout and after the programme - Value £497


Assigned accountability buddy to hold you to those goals throughout the programme - Value £497


Active demonstrations and exercises to embed the techniques taught - Value £497


Private messenger support directly from me - Value £997

Money back guarantee

I am that confident that you will be happy with the services I provide, that I offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you follow the actionable steps that we agree and you are not happy for any reason, you can have your money back no questions asked. I am honestly not just here for the money, I am here to make a difference to people’s lives, therefore I always state that we have a complimentary discovery call first, and if we are not the right fit to work with each other I will not continue with the commitment to the sessions.

How much is the investment?

The total value for this game-changing program for eco-entrepreneurs is: £6,482


However, you can get access to this course, and be held accountable to a total of 10 other eco-entrepreneurs, live, during this 3 month immersive experience for just 




Limited to 10 spaces.


3 & 6 month payment plans are available


Please contact me for dates available.

Take Action!

Do not fall into the trap of not making this first step, the fact that you are here means you are ready to make a real change in your life and want more. How much more time have you got to waste?

Where do I find out more and BOOK?

Click the button below and schedule the time for us to speak to see if you are a good fit for the course today. You are finally going to figure out what is stopping you from going to the next level personally and professionally. During this session, we will create a crystal-clear vision for how your business will change over the next 12 weeks and figure out the hidden obstacles that are sabotaging your life of changing the world. You will leave the session feeling renewed and ready to act. How do you know you’re not ready if you don’t take this action?



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