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Coaching Services Available

Individual Coaching Packages for clients sourcing private coaching are as follows:

6-month package (2 x 90 min + 4 x 60 min)           £1,795 + VAT

9-month package (2 x 90 min + 7 x 60 min)           £2,300 + VAT

12-month package (3 x 90 min + 9 x 60 min)         £2,995 + VAT

One off coaching session
(2 hours)
Perfect for you if:

- You have a specific issue you need help working with
- You need assistance with creating a clear action plan
- You want space to off load and clarify next steps

One off coaching session
(1 day - 8 hours)
Perfect for you if:

- You want to go in a new direction but need some clarity on what to focus on first
- You need to create a strategy for dealing with an upcoming change
- You would like to book in quarterly check-ins to ensure you are meeting your goals for the year

What can coaching achieve?

  • Shift your perceptions and reframe the challenges to opportunities

  • Remove self sabotaging behaviours

  • Increase your awareness

  • Develop transferrable skills

  • Plan, review and achieve your goals

  • Improve job and life satisfaction

  • Build confidence and gain clarity

  • Become more self-reliant

What happens during the coaching?

In the 2 hour breakthrough session, we will figure out the reason why you haven’t been able to get to where you want to be so far and any barriers that might be standing in your way. We look at every aspect of your life so be prepared to be open and honest so that I know anything that might be effecting the way your life is going.


Every fortnight we will get together and you will give me an overview about what has been happening, what you would like to work on, then we will finish the session on goals for the following fortnight until our next session.

I will work with you to go deeper than you ever have been before and uncover blocks and internal barriers that you are not even aware of. I do this by using my training neuro-lingustic programming to raise your awareness to the connection between neurological processes (neuro-), language (linguistic) and behavioral patterns learned through experience.

During the time we are together you will have accountability check-ins from me and a 2 hour next steps session at the end to ensure continued success.

I'm ready: how do I start?

I can't wait to change your life with you!

The first step is to book in a call with me for a free chat to see if we are right fro each other.

This chat is to make sure that you're ready and make sure that I have the tools you need to make real, impactful change in your life.

So, get your call booked in and we'll chat.

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